Dilated [Day 25]

Challenge Topic: Your Day In Great Detail [some items omitted for privacy]

My alarm went off at 4:30 am and I snoozed it until 5am. [my neighbors have to hate me!]  Then I went in the bathroom to discover one of the kids had left a “surprise” just outside the litter box. [bet you $10 it was Gilbert!]  I hopped in the shower, threw on some clothes, started my coffee and then started work at 6:30am. [work details omitted because of HIPAA]  On my lunch break, I booked the Four Points Sheraton in Niagara Falls, ON for an upcoming girl trip – it was a great deal on Orbitz.com plus they have their price assurance thingy!  Then I sent emails out to potential 3 Day 2011 teammates to remind them to register with CURE2011 for $35 off their registration fee..  and sent another email out to the book club peeps asking them to vote for book options for upcoming months.  I also entered us to win free books for the club on bookmovement.com and was accepted to be a book reviewer at booksneeze.com.  Oh and I ate some turkey chili with finely shredded cheddar for lunch.  I worked some more and called into a meeting.  Then my mom showed up to take me to my eye appointment. 

Ok… it must be said that I hate eyeballs.  They completely gross me out.  The eye chapter in anatomy was brutal for me!  It also must be said that I have never been to the eye doctor4 Hours After The Appointment! before.  Therefore, I was nervous and anxious all day leading up to my 3:30p appointment. My appointment started with the reading of the letters on the screen thing and then I was brought to an internal waiting room. When I was called back to the exam room I met Dr. R for the first time.  She looked at my eyes with the bright light and then put these horrible numbing drops in them.  Those do not numb, they hurt.  Then she stuck thin strips of paper into both of my eyes and left them there for 1min to measure my tear production.  Then those came out and this green dye stuff went in. [which also hurt] After that, they dilated my eyes [which, as evidenced in the picture, are still huge 4.5 hours later] and she came back and did a regular eye exam.  She made some notes and then said, “Well, you definitely have dry eyes.”  As to the Sjogren’s diagnosis… she said that my eyes aren’t severely dry as is usually seen in Sjogren’s patients, however, it is entirely possible that I am in the early stages of the disease.  My Rheumy will have to take that into consideration with my blood tests and such to decide ultimately if i do/do not have it. [I have an appointment with him in 2 weeks]  In the meantime, Dr. R gave me a pamphlet on dry eyes and some lubricating eye drops to use twice a day or as needed.  She also mentioned Restasis might be a good option for me [you probably have seen the commercials].  She said that actually stimulates your tear ducts to produce more tears and that it can be very helpful for Sjogren’s patients to use before their ducts are severely damaged.

So then mom and I left the appointment and met up with dad at Applebee's for some dinner.  Mom was driving because I couldn’t see straight at all.  Even at dinner I had to keep my sunglasses on because the restaurant was too bright!  I had the Oriental Chicken Salad followed by a brownie bite sundae – YUM!  Then dad drove me home and now I'm typing this blog.

Ok so I know this wasn’t GREAT detail but seriously, do you need to know things like how often I brushed my teeth and for how long?  You got my total recap with many details of my eye appointment and that will have to do!  Time to rest the eyes – night all!

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  1. Good detail, OK to omit the brushing teeth & stuff. I have used a number of eye moisture stuff, I have Genteal to use at night (because it blurs your vision initially) and HypoTears during the daytime, FYI.


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