30 Day Challenge – Day 18

Today’s Topic: My Wedding: future/past

Well I definitely don’t have a past wedding to discuss but future wedding… that’s a good question.

I used to think about having a big wedding.  Now, I have seen many friends stress so much over their wedding planning that I'm seriously considering elopement.  It’s not that I don’t want family and friends there to share the day but I can’t justify the expense, the stress, the focus on the favors instead of the marriage covenant… So I have thought about going to a tropical resort with a few close friends and family… or to a little chapel somewhere… or maybe keep it in town at my home church but keep it very small and understated. 

I don’t really know, I have some ideas but no grand dream wedding planned in my head.  I think that its something that has to be decided between the two people in the couple too so I don’t think its fair to my future husband to demand something I decided all on my own. I’ve never really dreamed about how the wedding or reception would look, I've always daydreamed more about the marriage itself.  I think that’s the most important part.

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