30 Day Challenge – Day 12

Today’s Topic: Something you are OCD aboutDSCN0165

Wow – this opens a whole can of worms!  Let’s see… where should I begin?

Well first I shall divulge my closet which not only has only white plastic hangars which face the same way but is also color coded and organized by sleeve lengths. Then we could talk about my DVD collection which is mostly organized alphabetically with the exception of the Disney and Musical genres – those are also alphabetical but within their own locations and categories.  My CD’s are also alphabetical although I hardly ever look at them because of my iTunes…  Now we move onto my books… These are organized by category and then by size – alphabetical looked to chaotic because the sizes were too different.  And then the pantry… this is organized by groupings [groupings include: soups, snacks, dried goods.. you get the idea] and everything is faced like a grocer’s shelves.  I have 4 calendars – although I do admit that only one of them has really everything that I need to know… 

So now that you know my affinity for all things orderly and neat, some of you who have actually been to my home might be laughing right now.  Sure I start with the best intentions in my closet, DVD’s, books… BUT… life happens meaning things get a little messy from time to time.  I’m ok with a little messy… but I feel a whole lot more relaxed when things are in their ‘correct’ places.  Maybe I’m just a teensy bit control freakish rather than OCD? 

I know one thing, I've been a LOT more go with the flow like over the last year.  When things are taken completely out of your control – especially something super important like your health – you kind of learn to just let go!

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