Habits [Day 27]

Today’s Topic: My Worst Habit

I would have to say that my worst habit is procrastinating.  I do it all the time.  In high school, I studied 5 minutes before the test.  In college I would write 10 page papers the night before they were due.  One time when I was writing my 20 page Religions of the World paper the night before it was due, my computer crashed.  I had not saved the document the entire time I was writing. Seriously.  After a small panic attack I rebooted and miraculously found the rescued document there good as new.  I learned to save every 5 seconds after that fun instance but somehow it didn’t break procrastination habit.  Its why I still buy the card on the way to the wedding or run the vacuum minutes before company arrives. Is it stressful? Sometimes.  But so far I've always come out on top.  I still got A’s on my tests and papers and I still make it to the wedding, smiling with card in hand.  So is it really that terrible?  Maybe one day it will come back to bite me but until then…

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