30 Day Challenge – Day 20

Only 10 days left!!

DSCN0071Today’s Topic: A hobby of yours

I have lots of hobbies… reading, writing, cross stitching, DSCN0081scrapbooking.  The one I probably enjoy the most these days aside from reading is scrapbooking.  When I’m doing the 3 Day we usually plan 1 or 2 scrapbooking events and even though we are busy running the event, its probably when I get the most done in my books!  This last year I finished my 2008 3 Day book and I love it!  I’ve also gone to a couple weekend scrapbooking getaways with friends because lets face it, you just get more done when that is your only focus for 3 days straight!  Basically I love pictures and memories and this hobby combines both of those things!

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