On A Personal Note…

Today was just not my day.  Things started out great with me getting up with my alarm… ok, I snoozed only 4-5 times… but I was still up before 6am and out the door before 6:30am.  I got in the car knowing I needed to get gas but pretty sure I could make it to work on the fumes I had left.  [Its 24 miles to get to work and gas is always cheaper there.] So I'm driving and about 5 miles in my gas light comes on and I know I can make it to work… and I do! 

So I'm sitting at my desk and planning to get gas on my way home when one of my employees asks if I want to go to Taco Bell for lunch.  I brought some homemade chili in my lunch but… I heart Taco Bell.  I go to reach for my work bag to see how much damage I can do at lunch time and discover… my wallet is just not in there!  My first thought is, well I will just stick to the chili then, easy decision! 

My second thought?  Total panic: how in the heck am I going to get home??

So I do the only thing I can think of to do – I call my dad. Yes, I am 30-something and my dad still comes to the rescue!  He promises to work something out and email me back.  So I tell my employee I'm not going to Taco Bell with her and the reason why… the girls all thought it was pretty hilarious that I was stranded at work… ok lets face it, I thought it was slightly hilarious too! 

I was then offered a bailout by my employees.  Did I ever tell you that they are THE BEST?! 

Thanks to them, I made it safely home.  I owe them. Big time!

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