30 Day Challenge - Day 13

Today’s Topic: A Fictional Book

Yesterday was the start-up meeting of our new book club so I just so happen to have material to write about! [by the way, book club name suggestions are currently being accepted] After picking a date, several potential members had last minute conflicts so it was up to the 3 of us that showed up to make the decision on our first book.  [We did have some suggestions from the other girls]

Our first book choice: The Girl With the Dragon Tatto by Stieg Larsson.

Unbeknownst to us at the time, this is a long-ish sort of book - about 700 pages in my newly purchased paperback edition.  Maybe not the best choice for the first monthly read but we are pretty excited about it.  The reviews on Amazon.com are mixed but most people seem to love, love, love this book.  There is also the movie version so it can't be a total flop.

Either way, i'm excited to start this and the whole new book club adventure.  At the very least it should keep me on schedule to read at least 12 books this year!


  1. Oh! I can't promise I could have it done in a month... but this one is on my list for sure!

  2. Great book! Starts out slow and annoying, but stick with it. So good. The second book is great right from the start.

  3. That book is awesome! I read it in only a couple of days last year while we were on holidays! Very good!


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