Dear Immune System...

I know I've put you through a lot this year... 2 surgeries, chemo/radiation, the cold/flu and H1N1 season... I've tried to be good to you by taking a multivitamin daily, increasing my veggies & fruits, increasing exercise, and getting my flu shots.  Because of our successful run through all of the above mentioned trials and my extremely good behavior for the last 6 months or so, I thought we had come to an understanding of sorts...
Apparently a weekend with 3,000+ people, using porta potties & antibac, and little to no sleep was just too much for you?  I agree that I probably deserved the little bout of the GI flu when I got home (or was it salmonella?) but did you have to hit me just 2 days later with the worst head cold/sinus infection in history?

I will admit my defeat for now and retreat to a Nyquil laced coma state.. but just know, this battle is not over.


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