30 Day Blog Challenge

journal The challenge: blog once a day for 30 days. 
The topic: ranging from favorite song to biggest dream, a new topic for every day.

Sounds simple right?  Well I guess it helps that you actually have a preset topic to blog about on a daily basis… but can I find the time to get on here every day for the next 30 days and actually do it?  Well that remains to be seen.  I accept the challenge.

Day 1 – topic: Your Favorite Song
Ok, so I find this topic a bit lame – my favorite song – really?  Since I have to write about it I guess I have to confess I don’t really have one.  I love music of most types.  From Broadway to Top 40 I like most of what I hear.  Some of my top go to musicals/artists are:

rentselahgaga wicked   celineana lauraphantomkelly
I like most things I can sing along with… I guess that would really be the only requirement I have for a great song – something I can really belt out while driving along in my car.  Sometimes I listen because I need a pick me up, sometimes I listen because I want something more mellow.  All in all, I can’t pick just one favorite so I pick all music in general. [minus rap – I just don’t like it and let’s face it I can’t sing along!]

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