2010 3 Day – Day 2

It was oh so hot on Day 1… 86F and 73% humidity.  Day 2’s prediction was for 88F and 75% humidity with a chance of thunderstorms. Ouch!  Humidity & moisture is very bad on the blister front and our feet were already getting tender from Day 1’s mileage… but we pressed on anyway.  After all, we had the Plymouth cheering station to look forward to!

After waking up every 3 hours to pee [a sign of great hydration!] we woke to alarms in the pink tents around us at about 4am and decided to start getting ready for the day.  The route opened at 6:45am so we had some time to get dressed, grab breakfast, stretch and be on our way!  DSCN1408On the agenda was a cheer station about 6 miles in where we met up with my dad & Heather’s family!
cheer day 2We were then off to Pit Stop 2 – home of the Boob Bees and our medical team members!  Pit 2 had cheerleaders on this day and Pat & mom got them to cheer our names as we walked in!
Unfortunately, the heat and humidity was starting to take its toll on our poor tootsies so we headed to the medical tent to get fixed up by our favorite med crew.
blistering blistering 2 boob bees
We walked on to lunch and then it was off to the town of Plymouth and the most awe inspiring cheer station ever!
We had a LOT of cheerleaders in this town: Grandpa, Jim Sr, Eli, Erin, Jess, Dad, Jayme, Lily, Riley, Ashley, Chelsea, Noah, Ethan, Lindsay & Clay!  Thanks everyone for coming out to support us!
DSCN1409    IMG_2332DSCN1411IMG_2331IMG_2347 IMG_2333There were over 1,000 people in Plymouth to cheer the 3 Day walkers on!  We laughed & cried our way through town.
At this point we were 12.3 miles into the day, 33.5 miles into our 3 Day journey – over halfway done! WOOOOO!  The rest of the day’s mileage alternated between trying to keep cool and trying to keep on top of the new hot spots forming inside our shoes.  Both were impossible tasks.  In our last stretch into camp we once again saw the yard with these signs…
DSCN1416 DSCN1415DSCN1414 DSCN1413
I got a little choked up both times we saw these signs because no matter how much your feet were hurting, how hot you were, how tired you were… it put it all back into focus and made you get back out there the next day!  We made it into camp – 43 miles down and still smiling!
DSCN1418Back in camp we took a little more time to cool down before showering.  Heather & I were limping around because of our blisters so our med crew team members checked them out for us at dinner! [gross everywhere but the 3 Day, believe me] I had blisters covering both heels, and between my big toe and onto the ball of one foot.. the one on the ball of the foot looked like a smiley face that was mocking me! We were enjoying the sights and sounds of the 3 Day city when Pat saw a guy’s shirt she just had to take a picture of…
heathersblisters mesmiley 
here for the boobs
During announcements we learned that the mayor of Plymouth had been walking with us that weekend.  When he got up, we were cheering for his amazing town and his amazing spirit as a 4x 3 Day walker.  The he told us that as he walked out of camp that morning to start day 2, he got the phone call informing him that his aunt had just lost her fight to breast cancer.   There wasn’t a dry eye in the tent as he asked for prayers for the family… it was raining outside… and then we saw this…
DSCN1420As the sun set over camp and the dance party began… yes I said DANCE party… we went to bed with a renewed sense that we cannot give up this fight…

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