Health Care Reform

Ok so I've been debating on writing about this or not… unless you live under a rock or if you live outside the US of A, you have probably heard of the bill that was passed this weekend initiating health care reform.  Since it passed, there have been outrageous remarks by those both for and against the bill and even a few death threats against the president via Twitter. [ps: the secret service can figure out who you are via your internet accounts – might want to think about that next time…]  I was reading through a hundred or so comments on an article about reform this afternoon and was struck by the complete lack of compromise displayed. 

It makes me sad that Americans can be so angry, violent, and hateful toward those who have an opposing viewpoint.  Saddened even more by the fact that it didn’t shock me.  People are generally resistant and fearful toward change and this change will be a big one.

To preface my thoughts on the topic, I would like to say that I consider myself an independent in the political realm.  I try to learn what I can about candidates and issues and make my own decisions based on my own thoughts and beliefs, not just what a certain party tells me is right or wrong.

So my short and sweet thoughts on healthcare reform are… The current healthcare system in the US is broken and is breaking American citizens at an alarming rate so something had to be done.  Is the current bill perfect?  Definitely not.  But what would be perfect when you have two sides determined not to compromise?  I believe that this is a step forward for the US because it is a step toward doing something.  Its about time Americans invested in helping other Americans.


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