Calm Before the Storm

Training season has begun for many 3 Day walkers who are following the 24 week training schedule.  I am not one of them.  I have done both the 24 week and 16 week training schedules and find that I get training burn out so I am shooting for the 16 week more aggressive mileage-wise program.  Let me just say this – both programs work because you get out there and walk… a lot!  As the 3 Day says, there is nothing that better prepares you for walking than…walking!

So what am I doing to still prepare while not focusing on training these next 6 weeks? 

Well, I have been walking a little… this week’s mileage after Saturday will be about 16 miles.  What?! A little you said?! Yes, this is a little bit of mileage.  When training really starts I will be walking at least 4 days a week and at least 20 miles each week - sometimes 18 miles in one day!  The other thing is right now if I planned on walking and it doesn’t happen for various reasons I don’t worry about moving that mileage to another day – I just skip it!  In 6 weeks I will be rearranging my schedule around the weather so I get every planned mile in!

I’m also focusing on hydration and nutrition.  Both of these are super important when you are doing an endurance event like the 3 Day. Me, I've not been doing so hot in the taking care of me department so my nutrition has been consisting of fast food and frozen pizzas.  Last week I pitched a bunch of stuff and bought fruit, veggies, lean proteins and started cooking more.  I’ve also made a conscious effort to up my water intake.  By the time training really starts my body will have the nutrients it needs to keep up with the 20-50 miles each week. Yes, you read that right…20-50 miles per week!

And this weekend I will be doing the 1 thing that is probably most important for a walker…. I’m getting fitted for my new shoes!  I have a gift certificate and can’t wait to use it!  My old shoes – the ones I have used for at least 12 miles this week – are literally duct taped together on the inside because I wore them down so much in my last 3 Day.  The tape is PINK so it goes with the theme but its not entirely comfy on the tootsies.  I’m also looking forward to trying out some new socks this year.  I’m sure there is an update or two more to come on this topic!

So that’s how I'm gearing up for training.  What are you doing?  Or if you aren’t registered (why not?! lol) do you have a new walking or fitness plan you are starting for Spring?


  1. Well, I don't have a hard and fast plan, which will probably be my downfall. But I got my EasyTone shoes (which I hinted about to Chad for WEEKS before he got it!) and I have a baby with a stroller. I also have a route mapped out in my neighborhood which takes me 40 minutes, or 60 if I add the second leg, so that's as far as I've gotten thus far. I also plan on buying a family pass to the zoo (which is on the side of the mountain, so it's quite the trek to walk the whole thing) and plan on going there at least once a week during the summer with my friend. I wish that there was some kind of walk in Colorado Springs (the nearest ones are Denver, but I can't commit to the 3-day with no one to take care of the baby!), so yeah...

  2. You should do the Michigan 3 Day because then your parents could watch Wylie!

  3. I'm a 3 Day newbie and started the 24 week training and so far, so good. Question? I'd like to get fitted for a pair of good walking shoes (right now I'm using a decent pair of running shoes) but where do you go for a fitting? Is there a shoe you recommend or it depends on the type of foot you have? Any and all advice appreciated. :)


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