Checking Off The List

I’m starting to make headway on my Resolutions list.  So far I’ve finished 3 books this year and am working on my 4th – 1 full book ahead of schedule!  The team is well on its way to having a successful fundraising year – we are currently about 30% to goal and I have met my minimum already!  We have several upcoming fundraisers too so I’m sure the other girls won’t be far behind!  I have serious plans for the apartment decluttering project and am blocking out next weekend for just such a thing….

The number one resolution on my list (eating healthier, training, and dumping the poundage) has just started getting on track.  This past week I dumped some less healthy choices and stocked up on fruits, veggies and lean meats, bought some multi-vitamins, and have been tracking my meals and exercise.  I have a goal in mind for the big birthday extravaganza on April 10th and so far I'm on track to exceeding it!  Granted it’s just the first week but I know that healthy eating and exercise works and… I lost 4lbs! YAY!!

I know how long it may take to get to my ultimate goal but I also know that I will get there.  I will do it without starving, without depriving, without withdrawing from social gatherings where lovely sugary and fattening food will be served.  Because after all, you have to LIVE your life, not pack it into a tight little box!  Who wants to avoid enjoying a piece of birthday or wedding cake?  Not me!  Who wants to completely avoid chocolate during a certain time of the month? Not me!  Who wants to avoid drinks with the girls to celebrate or drown our sorrows?  Not me!  I will get to my goal and I will enjoy life simply because I have a better understanding of what a gift life is!

So… Here’s to life!  Now go eat your fruits and veggies!

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