Goodbye March!

March has been SUCH a crazy month and it apparently didn’t want to go out without just one or two more things.  So far this week I have successfully clamped my flat iron down on my finger causing a nice burn and my fridge/freezer went out costing me about $250 worth of food. The saving grace of the month is the fact that it just *barely* snowed [and lets face it that is just about a miracle for Michigan in March!] and today as I drove home it was an absolutely fantabulous 78^F on my car thermometer!  Lovin’ the gorgeous weather so, SO much! 

So as we prepare to enter into the month of my birth [and we all remember what age I'm supposed to be again, right?], I’m taking tonight to try to catch up on a few things, pamper myself a little bit, and get into a new mindset for a new month.  Maybe some ice cream and a 3 Day PediCure is in order? What’s that, you say? Well let me tell you!  When training for the 3 Day, you really should not get a pedicure.  While pedicures make your feet look pretty, they also scrape away those precious calluses that your feet will depend on so much when walking 20+miles every day.  Trust me, you do not want to get a full pedicure.  Just say no, ok?  Your feet will thank you. 

So my 3 Day PediCure… it consists of a foot soak, a nail trim, some yummy smelling lotion, and some pretty [PINK] polish on my nails. That’s it.  No scraping or buffing here ladies.  Not only does it make your feet look semi-pretty, it can also lift your spirits as you remember what you are building your calluses and blisters for.

And if that doesn’t lift your spirits, maybe you should check out this post: What Are We Training For? for some more inspiration and blister pride!

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  1. Hey Christina! Sorry it has taken me so long to comment back. Actually the last of my thyroid treatment is just about coming to a close...I have my scan scheduled for this Thursday and will sit down that afternoon with nuke med to plan my ablation dose. Part of the reason I have not been online much is I've been trying to just live my life and work and put the cancer thing to the back of my mind as much as I can. Have to admit I am getting a little nervous about this week. I caught up on your posts and I hear you on the weight gain and trying to get healthy again. I've been asked two times in the last month if I am pregnant! I wish...just the fattest I've ever been in my life. I'm scared to look at exactly how much I've gained since my thyroidectomy but I think around 30-35 lbs.


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