Shoes seem to be a big topic of conversation these days… from what to wear to my cousin’s wedding to how the heck to pick out a 3 Day shoe!  Well for me the wedding shoe is still being debated among the bridesmaids but the 3 Day shoe is all taken care of! 

So how do you pick a 3 day shoe?

The absolute must for me is to get fitted by someone who knows shoes.  Most New Balance stores have just such people but if you aren’t sure that the New Balance brand is the best for your feet, I suggest heading to a running specialty store (ex: Gazelle Sports or Striders).  I have always worn New Balance for the 3 Day but I have a couple friends that swear by Asics.

This year I went to Gazelle’s and told the sales guy that I was walking 60 miles in 3 Days and will be doing approximately 500 miles in training – to which he said I would definitely need to replace the shoes halfway through (note: shoes have a lifespan of about 200-300 miles) – and then he watched me walk and brought out the shoes.  He brought me 4 pairs all different brands and I had to try them on and walk around the store.  Only 3 of the 4 felt decent and only 2 of those pairs were really comfortable and only 1 of those pairs offered stability AND flexibility so I could stretch my feet when needed.  It just so happened that it was New Balance once again AND happened to be a model that came in the Lace Up for the Cure colors! (note: my love of pink did not factor into my shoe choice, the guy was supersmart and brought all the shoes out in blue to start) 

Soooo without further ado, I introduce you to my new 3 Day shoes!


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  1. Pretty snazzy shoes, Lady. I like 'em! I guess I should start keeping track of how much I'm walking so I know when the buy new "tires". LOL Suerte with the training!


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