Extra Looong Dr Visit

I had an appointment to discuss this lung pain I've been having (previously mentioned here) and my description of the pain, coupled with the fact I haven’t been sick in almost a year (aside from that whole cancer thing of course) and the fact that I haven’t had a trauma of any sort and have been on a plane/in a car for hours… plus a few other things like medication I take, relatively recent surgeries… well apparently all this added up to: OH MY GOODNESS! for the doc.

At the close of my appointment I was instructed to proceed immediately to the nearest imaging center (ok not the nearest, but the one relatively close with an open time slot within the hour) to have a Chest CT/Angiogram done to rule out a pulmonary embolism or PE.  Oh my!  I was worried more along the lines of my lung micro-mets rearing its ugly head.  A PE would actually be worse that the mets because it is an acute life threatening condition, whereas the mets would just mean more drawn out cancer treatments but is not necessarily life threatening.

Ha.  Who would have ever thought that cancer metastasis would be a “good” scenario?

My fabulous all knowing doc (who, i must mention, saw me today on his day off) requested a “wet read” of my scan so I wouldn’t have to wait on the results… also did i mention a PE is an acute life threatening condition? yeah? ok just want to make sure you had caught on to the seriousness of sitch

So I had my scan – oh yay, a doc visit that turned into an IV being shoved into my arm – and then my dad and I went and got some lunch to wait on the doc.  I was just taking my first bite when I got the news that the wet read was negative for PE.  YAY! So what is it?  Don’t know…maybe more info to come after the full read aaaaaand maybe not. 

For now, I'm instructed to ‘take Motrin and call my doc on Monday’.

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