Fill In the Blanks

Outside my window… It’s quite dark but still in the 50’s so I’ll take it!

The time is… almost 10pm

Today I feel… like it should be Friday because i’m ready for the weekend!

I am thinking… that i’m exhausted after a long day of work and walking

At the moment, I am thankful… for friends that make me smile.

I am going… to bed soon because i’m exhausted…wait I already told you that… point proven

I am wearing… gray sweatpants and an old CAB (campus activities board) tee

I wish… there was a cure for cancer

I am reading… Five Things I Can’t Live Without… well not technically started yet but its on my nightstand to start on a night when i’m not so exhausted.

I am working on… getting my life back together… cancer really throws a wrench in your best laid plans

I am hoping… that tomorrow will be Friday… but I know that will not happen

I am hearing… the dishwasher rinsing, Chloe meowing, cars on the Beltline, and Ghost Hunters on TV

Around the house… I have a lot of work to do, that is this weekend’s agenda

I bet you didn't know… that people wear green on St. Patty's day to hide from leprechauns that like to pinch people.

One of my favorite… places in the world is the Smokey Mountains National Park.  I’m off to bed to dream about it now!

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