Week 7 Training

Some people have asked why the week number is going down instead of up... good question! Basically the week number corresponds to the number of weeks out we are from the 3 Day!  So this past week was 7 weeks from our 3 Day event and currently we are in week 6!  Mileage is building, the summer sun is getting hotter, fundraising is winding down and pretty soon we will be sleeping in those lovely little pink tents!  Week 7 was a challenge because of the holiday but i'm pretty darn proud to say I got all my miles in!

Week 7 Training (Scheduled/Actual):
Mon: Rest/5 Miles
Tues: 5 miles/Rest (Dad's Bday dinner)
Wed: 45min cross/Eclipse Fundraiser!
Thurs: 6 miles/Rest
Fri: 45min cross/ 11 miles
Sat: 15 miles/ 15 miles
Sun: 11 miles/ 6 miles - Happy 4th of July!
Total: 43 miles/43 miles - WOO!!!

I had a bit of a setback on Monday... Training Tip: never do 5 miles barefoot. I made a pit stop to Urgent Care on Wednesday to make sure I didn't have a stress fracture from the barefoot walking. [I don't, its just plantar fasciitis which really isn't all that pleasant] And then I just kept on walking!  It feels really good to FINALLY get all the mileage in for a week even when its been chaotic with birthdays, fundraisers, and holidays!  Week 6 will be interesting with the short work week, dinner with Gracie who is in from CO, and our big 18/15 mile back-to-backs on Saturday and Sunday!  Here's to hoping to make it 2 weeks in a row doing 40+ miles!

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