Week 6 Training

The best laid plans… Well I was sick most of last week.  Not sick enough to skip work but sick enough that I had to rest after work.  Needless to say, I got behind on mileage but I thought it was better to rest up for the big weekend walks!  Our team is a bit off the schedule because of scheduling conflicts so we did our big back-to-back 18/15 mile weekend this week!

Week 6 Training (scheduled/actual):
Mon: Rest/Rest
Tues: 5 miles/Rest
Wed: 45min Cross/Rest
Thurs: 6 miles/Rest
Fri: 45 min Cross/Rest
Sat: 18 miles/18 miles – YAY!
Sun: 15 miles/15 miles – Woo!
Total: 44 miles/33 miles

For being sick most of the week I don’t think I did too bad.  I got through the 18/15 miles without new blisters and with minimal aches and pains.  I am beyond proud of the team mates who walked all the miles with me.  I’ve done this before, they haven’t.  The first time doing that kind of mileage can be killer if you haven’t been training consistently and they breezed right through!  Great job girls!  I’m looking forward to walking with you for the 60 miles in just 32 short days!

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