It’s 11am and…

Written originally last week Wednesday at 11:19am in an email to my friend…

This has been my day so far:

  • I woke up at 7:15 because my alarm died overnight – had to be to work at 8am… [i live 24 miles from work]
  • Had a text message from Lindsay warning me about cows, turned on the TV to discover several routes to work are closed because of cows on the loose on 131 & surrounding areas… good thing I know a back way and didn’t have to go to Reed City!
  • I left my house at 7:30 by the miracle of Avon hairpieces & preset coffee pot timer.
  • Got here at 8am to find that our conference center water pipes burst and we have a massive flood on the 1st floor/basement area – this is where my office is located.
  • The air vents are turned off to the 1st floor as to not spread the sewage/dead fish smell from the water  -this means its smelly & HOT in my office… [it was 88F on this day]
  • Oh and I’m in the basement portion of the 1st floor which means no window ventilation.
  • Our dictation and transcription system has been down for 2.5days now so none of my people have work to do and we have a huge backlog…
  • So I frantically start printing things they CAN do (labs) to discover I have no more black ink – I print the reports in pink because I have 5 backup color cartridges in my file cabinet.
  • I finish doing my windows updates and restart my computer on my way to meeting #1- 9am.
  • 9am runs long so I’m late for my 10am phone conference in my office…
  • At this point I discover that the windows updates I did are screwing up another program so I now can’t access the coding program… and neither can all of my staff. I contact helpdesk.
  • I run to the bathroom after the phone conference wraps up to discover my fly has been down the entire time… my 9am was with 8 people, 2 of which were the CFO & CCO…
  • Now I’m troubleshooting & catching up on email until my noon meeting where I’m being served lunch…
  • I’m scared to discover what lunch may be… the cafeteria is right next to the water leakage

So how is your day going?

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