101 Things You Should Know (20-26)

26.  There will be a 3-Day store in camp so bring some extra cash.

25.  Pack an extra pair of socks in your fanny/backpack so you can change them at lunch – it feels like heaven.

24.  Pack your sleeping bag in a huge ziplock bag, the bag can come in handy for storing gear, stinky shoes, etc outside of your tent each night. pat's_0007

23.  Make sure you have a small flashlight that is “hands-free” for midnight port-a-potty trips and for finding your way back to your tent!

22.  Bring flip flops or something to use in the mobile showers

21.  Attach something “unique” to your gear bag so you can find it in the crowd – and no, a pink ribbon is not “unique.”

20.  Your “gear” can weigh no more than 35lbs – make sure you respect the crew and stay within the limit!

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