Week 4 Training

Week 4 training… well it just didn’t happen.  I know, i know… I've been slacking big time these last couple of weeks!  I have no other excuse than life was too busy, i was in a funk, i just didn’t feel like it. 

2417980104_c3b9f1247f_bFor those of you out there who have never done the 3 Day before and have been diligently walking your 30+ miles every week – my hat is off to you!  My first 2 years I was much better at sticking to the schedule – well the 2nd year I was REALLY good at sticking to the schedule!  I was determined to get through with no blisters, no injuries… and you know what?  It didn’t matter.

I still got blisters, my knees [and everything else] still ached… but I made it through to the end.  Training is extremely important when doing this event, yes.  I would never suggest to anyone that they show up on Day 1 and just start walking!  But it is not the end of the world if you miss a day [ahem.. or eight].  You just get right back into walking – the first time or two may be a little bit rougher than normal but, trust me, you don’t lose it that quick! 

So don’t get discouraged if you haven’t been able to stick exactly to your training schedule because of the weather, life, or just because the beach was calling.  The biggest thing is that you committed to walking and raising at least $2,300 to fight breast cancer!

The walk?  That’s just the 3 Day’s way of sayingThank you!”

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