101 Things You Should Know (27-33)

33.  Drink, rehydrate, pee! Say no to an IV!our showers - with Linds & Jill

32.  The shower trucks are not glamorous but you won’t care about the lack of privacy the second the hot water hits your face.

1476445075_8ec1f51b4e_o31.  Do it big. Do it right. Do it with style. – Fred Astaire

30.  Those 8hr heat wraps – they can be wonderful for sore muscles overnight!

29.  Do NOT forget to pack Motrin/Tylenol/Aleve… figure out which works best for you before you go because everyone has their favorite.

28.  Pack some warm PJ’s – no matter what the weather, your body can get really cold when you stop walking and start resting!

27.  Blisters really do explode!

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