Oh So Close!

Seems to be the theme of the day – oh so close!

We are just 14 days away from the Michigan 3 Day [it is getting oh so close!] and today the Pink Pedicures broke $14,000 in donations!!  We are also only $95 away from our last walker hitting her minimum donation… oh so close!  We have a 15 mile training walk planned for tomorrow – our last long one before the event.  The training is oh so close to being done – YAY!  I think we are all just eager to get to the event and start our wonderful walking adventure! [by the way, today’s forecast predicts it will be in the low 80’s and not raining – PERFECT!]

Next week Friday, my friend LM is getting married [its getting oh so close!] and I'm taking the day off for something other than a doctor’s visit!  I’m soooo excited for LM & CC, to celebrate with them, to have the day off and not get poked by needles, and to have a mini girls weekend with my friend Slaglm as we stay over for the wedding and hit IKEA while we are nearby!

The last thing that is just oh so close is… I'm just 0.6lbs away from re-losing 20lbs!  2yrs ago [pre cancer] I lost about 35lbs in an effort to get healthy and feel better about myself...  then I was diagnosed and they yanked my thyroid and the weight flooded right back on. [for those just joining my journey, the thyroid produces the hormones that regulate metabolism – when you don’t have a thyroid, you basically have no metabolism]  So losing weight this time has been a bit tougher than 2 years ago but I know I can do it and I will do it!  Although the Mexican food and sangria I had for dinner tonight probably means I won’t be hitting the 20lbs mark tomorrow… ah well, c’est la vie!

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  1. You'll never even notice the yummy Cantina and sangria after your training walk tomorrow :) Keep up the great work - you're looking fantastic <3


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