101 Things You Should Know (34-40)

40.  Hills become cruel jokes of nature.

39.  It is critical to drink Gatorade and water during the 3day08 057walk so your electrolytes stay in balance.

38.  There are tons of fun things to do in camp – make sure you check it all out or you may miss the foot massage tent!

37.  You can never take too many pictures!

36.  You will never be so sick from candy in your life – but   who can resist kids cheering and giving it away?    1476274635_ac4bbc8ac9_o35.  By the end of Day 1, things like men with fake breasts, swarms of cheering people, cars that honk continuously, and every name you never thought of for breasts (plus some!) will be completely normal.1477174048_c3d8264d25_o 1476267011_1161979dcc_o 1476321635_a9c0121283_o







34.  You will be too inspired to be tired.3day08 050

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