Week 8 Training

I just realized that all my posts lately have been 3 Day related… I guess that just goes to show the commitment needed for the event right?  I mean I've been talking about and brainstorming about the 3 Day since August of last year, meeting with the team since October, fundraising since November, training since April… now that we are so close to the event, training is sucking every last spare moment I 3day08 010have [or so it seems].  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE doing the 3 Day [its addicting, you should try it] but every year about this time I can only think about all the time I will have when its over.  I  promise I will snap out of it soon as the excitement for the event starts building and the packing panic begins… but this week I'm just a bit whiney [and I'm seriously hoping it doesn’t cause blisters!]. 

Week 8 Training (scheduled/actual):
Mon – Rest/Rest :)
Tues – 4 miles/5 miles
Wed – 30 min cross/none
Thurs – 5 miles/6 miles
Fri – 45 min cross/none
Sat – 17 miles/17 miles
Sun – 13 miles/ none (thunderstorms won!)
Total – 39miles/28 miles

Yup I'm a bit behind… and a bit sunburned from Saturday…  It felt great though so the training must be working!  Here’s to hoping the weather starts to cooperate on the weekends… and I'm starting my no rain dance for August 13-15!

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