Week 9 Training

Wow the countdown is moving fast!  We are a mere 2 months away from the Michigan 3 Day now and I just don’t know where the time has gone!  The team has its last fundraiser next week and we are getting oh so close to everyone meeting their fundraising minimums.  This past Expo 2010Saturday a few of us went to the 3 Day Expo and suddenly it hit me – I need to pack!! AHHHH!!  Packing is about the 2nd most important thing you can do on the 3 Day – well I think so anyway – and packed!it becomes a complete obsession!  I am nowhere near being ready and I have this horrible urge to go out and buy my  gallon baggies NOW!  Maybe I will get some of my packing anxiety out when I do the packing demo for the team at July’s meeting? 

Since we are getting sooo very close to event day, the miles are starting to really stack up…  Including week 9 I've logged about 161 miles since April 26th and that number will be growing dramatically the next weeks!

Week 9 Training (Scheduled/Actual):
Mon: Rest/Rest
Tues: 4 Miles/none
Wed: 30 min Cross/ 5 miles
Thurs: 5 miles/ none – team meeting!
Fri: 45 min Cross/ 5 miles
Sat: 14 miles/ none – went to the 3 Day Expo instead!
Sun: 10 miles/14 miles
Total: 33 Miles/ 24 miles

Yup I was 9 miles off plan for this week but I did the best I could with the time available.  Week 8 is currently on track as long as the weather cooperates… we’ve gotten hit by oh so many storms the last few weeks and last night even had tornado warnings (which I slept through!).  This weekend we have a team 17/13 mile back to back training planned and I'm praying any storms wait until after we are done walking each day!

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  1. hehehe...Im walking the Denver 3-day in roughly a month and a half and I had the urge to get gallon bags and start packing at about the 2 month mark too! Good stuff! Good luck with your walk....and packing! ;)


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