60 Days Until 60 Miles (& Week 10 Training!)

The countdown is moving oh so quickly and I can’t believe we are just 2 short months away from the Michigan 3 Day!  The team is getting closer and closer to our fundraising goal and we have 1 more major fundraiser *cough*Eclipse VIP Night*cough* left!  I’ve been fundraising, walking, fundraising, walking, fundraising… well you get the picture!  So staying true to my promise, here is my week 10 training!

Week 10 Training (Scheduled/Actual):
Mon: Rest/ 7 miles
Tues: 4 Miles/ 0 miles – Culver’s Fundraiser!
Wed: 30 min cross training/5 miles
Thurs: 5 Miles/3 miles
Fri: 45 min cross training/none
Sat: 12 miles/ 0 miles – Bridal shower across state
Sun: 9 miles/ 14 miles
Total: 30 miles/29 miles

Overall not too bad…just 1 mile short on a very busy week! One thing is still blatantly obvious – I completely suck at cross-training!  Oh well, the best preparation for walking 60 miles is… walking!  And I'm certainly trying to do as much of that as possible. 

Week 9 is off to a slow start so far – I was very good at the “rest” day [if you can count doing laundry until 1am “resting”] but today it’s pouring down rain and I had some things that just had to get done!  No really, they did… maybe I can tell you about them one day but for now they remain secret except to a select few!  Tomorrow i’m back to walking though and then a team meeting and then more walking and then the 3 Day EXPO and then more walking… yup that’s my week… maybe I will get in another post or two?

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