101 Things You Should Know (55-61)

61.  After the walk is over, keep drinking water and Gatorade – your body will still need the fluids and electrolytes. It is not uncommon for walkers to end up in the ER on Monday morning.

60.  When you walk into the Port-a-potty, you will notice a small, open plastic container attached to the wall. It is not pat's_0040a garbage receptacle. It is not a fanny pack holder. It is a urinal. Now you know.

59.  Hug your fellow walkers! 

58.  You may want to put the next day’s clothing in your sleeping bag overnight so they are as toasty warm as the rest of you!

pat's_001357.  You must bring your own water bottle – you will want a wide-mouthed one for easy access. You may want to consider bringing 2 – 1 for water, 1 for Gatorade.

56.  Walk etiquette includes the phrase “On your left!” and stepping off the route to take a cell phone call.

55.  Take your time. It’s a walk, not a race.3day08 011

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