101 Things You Should Know (41-47)

1476460033_3a847efd29_o47.  There is no mistake so great as the mistake of not going on.   

46.  Always tell someone where you are going, because once you are in the sea of walkers, you are impossible to find.

45.  Tata Triage aka the medical tents are a great place to go for even the most minor pat's_0010bumps, aches, and blisters.

44.  You really need to check this out!

43.  The Crew is AWESOME and deserves a thank you at all times. This includes Safety, Medical, Pit…

42.  Bring a pair of n716685403_1309164_3703really warm socks to sleep in and closed shoes (think crocs) to walk around camp in. Flip-flops are easy but very cold when the grass is soaked with dew.

41.  We walk because we must. We are strong because the journey demands it. Together in body and united in spirit, we lay down our footsteps for this generation and the next. This is our legacy.n716685403_1302906_7600

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