Week 11 Training

It hit me earlier this week – training is in FULL swing and its getting more important to have walks carved into the schedule rather than trying to fit them around everything else.  The weeks seem to be flying by and the 3 Day will be here before I know it!  Training is starting to ramp up

Week 11 Training (scheduled/actual):
Mon: Rest/Rest
Tues: 4 miles/7 miles
Wed: 30 min cross-train/none
Thurs: 5 miles/ 5 miles
Fri: 45 min cross-train/ none
Sat: 6 miles/ 6 miles
Sun: 5 miles/ none
Total: 20 miles/ 18 miles

Only 2 miles short this week and a whole lot of cross training behind… as long as I'm getting miles in I'm not as concerned about the cross training.  Week 10 will be challenging because it calls for 30 miles and we have a fundraiser at Culver’s and I have a bridal shower on Saturday!  I’m planning on getting in at least 28 of those miles but am hoping to do at least the full 30.

How many miles do you have planned for this week?

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