Snow Day?

snomgWell half the country is buried, sometimes literally, up to their eyeballs in snow.  This includes my family and friends way up there in the high-five of America.

Here… well I woke up to temps in the 50’s that quickly plummeted into the 30’s with high winds. No rain, no snow… no reason to stay home wrapped up in my cozy bed.

As much as I can’t stand snow, part of me wishes I was there to be part of all the excitement.  Wait, you actually want to be stuck in 18 inches of snow?!  Yes. Sick, I know.

I have always been fascinated by weather and severe storms are my favorite.  Even when it’s business as usual, I can almost always quote you the weather for the upcoming days because I find it interesting.  Perhaps I missed a calling?

Or perhaps I’m just jealous of all the friends who got a snow day today [and some of them tomorrow] because of “SnO-M-G!”  And then I think to myself, “Self, you are so silly!  You work at the hospital and those never close.”  Sigh…

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