Malevolent Monday

First things first, it’s Monday.  A day to be dreaded by most everyone because it isn’t Saturday or Sunday but has the unfortunate circumstance of being after those two lovely days.

Anywho, it’s Monday.  And It’s exactly 1 year to the day that my Grandma fell and broke her hip.  She had a really hard time recovering and hasn’t been the same since.  And yesterday she fell again… and broke her other hip.  Crazy huh?  She had surgery today and we are waiting to hear how it went.

Since they live in Florida for aDSCN1088 little more than half the year, it means they are there and the whole family isn’t.  Last year my dad, my cousin Lacey, her baby Wylie and myself went down to visit them and help out a little.  And now we are all on standby to see if an emergency family visit will be needed again.

We hope not.  We love them, and of course we love Florida, but things were just scary last year and we do not need to repeat that. If you are so inclined, she could use some extra prayers right now.

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  1. Prayers for your grandma! Hope she has a quick recovery!!!


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