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plannerMy first official visitors are scheduled to arrive in just a couple of weeks.  They will not be staying overnight and are more just passing through… but its exciting all the same!

My Grandpa and a few of my uncles are going golfing in Myrtle Beach and they have to drive this way to get back home so they are making a short pit stop before holing up in Knoxville for the night. They are planning on being here for dinner and right now the plan is to go out.  I suggested a couple places and then it was suggested to me that maybe we should go somewhere “local.”


I’m barely a local so how do I know what is good according to the locals? I know of a couple roadside BBQ places but they have weird hours. I know of the Hibachi Express but I highly doubt that’s the direction they are looking to go.  I know of the Parson’s Table because I’ve been told its BYOB. (I live in a DRY city meaning no alcohol is served or sold within city limits – what the heck was I thinking?? Thankfully the city limit isn’t far from my house!)  They could be here as late as 7/8pm so it has to be someplace with later hours.

So where should we go? I’m looking for suggestions!  If you know of someplace good in Johnson City/Jonesborough, let me know!

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  1. Could be worse... could be a dry county!! *shudder* ;)


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