SGK Plates!

I recently discovered that I have 30 days to get a new drivers license and plates on my car – oh the joy.  Now imagine my delight when I found out that I have to visit not only the DMV but also the county courthouse to do both of these things.  It *almost* made me miss the Secretary of State office back in Michigan… almost. 

But then as I was looking into my local Komen affiliate info I found one tidbit of joy in the growing to-do list...  KomenLicensePlate

They have PINK RIBBON license plates in Tennessee!!!  Oh.Em.Gee. I die.

This is the most exciting news I have had since I found out I got the job!  You bet your bippy I will be getting one of these beautiful plates.  I mean seriously… pink+SGK+platinum VW = fabulosity does it not?

In other exciting news… I learned how to Skype tonight!  My first call included dad, mom & Grandpa S!  What a nifty bit of technology that is!  I shall definitely be participating in more videoconferencing fun!Video call snapshot 1

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