Things That Feel Odd

There are a few things that feel weird to me and remind me that I’m not in Michigan anymore …

  • The southern accents all around me.  Yes I’m in the south and I should expect it but somehow it still takes me by surprise.  And there are some people I still struggle to understand because its really strong.
  • Having a 2 level home. I’m just not used to it and I feel like I’m not using the 2nd floor enough… even though I sleep there for hours every night!
  • Paying sales tax on food. It’s 5.5% instead of 0%.
  • BUT there is no state income tax so my paycheck is a little bigger than it would have been in MI.
  • The fact that its light outside when I leave the house at 7am… and actually sunshine at all this time of year feels foreign!  Its funny to listen to coworkers complain after 2 or 3 cloudy days when I haven’t really noticed except for the fact I don’t have to use my sunglasses.
  • Using my parking brake all the time.
  • People openly talking about God and their faith. Almost daily this takes me by surprise.  It’s definitely not a bad thing.
  • The grocery store… there are plenty of options, just no Meijer Sad smile which means I haven’t been able to find certain things I used to buy all the time.
  • Throwing away soda cans… there is no $0.10 refund on these and although you can bring them in for recycling, I’m getting the feeling its not the norm.  If you are in a meeting and they have cans there, the trash can is just full of them.dr-enough
  • No Faygo pop but seeing something faygocalled Dr. Enuf.




  • Also on a side note: calling it soda instead of pop is just wrong!


  1. oh the pleasure of having to get used to a new environment.
    It will get better. At least I hope so for you. :)

  2. So funny! About the soda thing...you will get use to it. Down here in Atlanta everything is called "Coke." The grocery store thing...we just say we miss the big "M" store..can't say it or it makes us sad even after 10 years.

  3. Angie - i've heard the "coke" thing before too! LOL I think we should band together and convince M to build down here - maybe we could get them to franchise??


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