netflixMaybe it’s a product of not having any friends or family in the area to keep me occupied on a Friday night… or the fact that my first paycheck since mid-December is “on hold” at the bank until tomorrow… or the fact that I’m just lame and wanted to do nothing much after total information overload the past 3 weeks… No matter what it was, I decided to sign up for Netflix on Thursday.

Now I’ve had Netflix in the past but deactivated my account because a) I wasn’t using it enough to justify the expense because b) the apartment I was living in had NO box for outgoing mail and c) I was too lazy to drive to the box in the business complex a bit down the road.  This was all pre- instant movies and my having a Wii. I loved the service back then and was sad when I closed my account.

But I am convinced Netflix rocks for a few reasons. 

  1. Even though I am a former member, I still qualified for a free month “trial” of their services.  Score!
  2. My movie queue from my prior membership was still there, ready and waiting for me to catch up on all the movies I missed.
  3. My first physical movie selection arrived on Saturday [Eat, Pray, Love]
  4. It was SUPER easy to connect my Wii and start watching movies immediately!

Yup I’m a happy camper!  Next weekend I promise I will go out and explore the area and get some pictures posted… next weekend.

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