So I actually had to read my own blog to remember when the last time I posted was.  Sad. So sad.  So much and so little has happened since Christmas Eve!  Where could I begin?  I guess I’m just going to give you the highlights to get you all up to speed.

One. The holidays were wonderful.  I managed to focus on spending time with family and friends instead of packing which made for many special moments even if it did add a little to the stress levels.  The night before I left Michigan I barely got 2 hours of sleep because of all the things that had to be done that were running through my mind.

Two.  I was dreading the 12hr drive to Tennessee not only because of the lack of sleep but also because I was toting the kitties in the car.  Cats HATE cars. Mine tends to cry/meow very loudly the entire time we are in the car. This trip started out just like I thought it would but after about 20 mins I heard not a peep!  Amazing!  Were they still alive? They rode like champs and made mommy proud.  And I didn’t even have to sedate them!  They didn’t like being cooped up in the hotel bathroom the first night though and let me know they were feeling neglected by ripping the hair dryer off the wall and turning it on.  Oh how I wish I had a video camera for those moments!

Three. Since arriving, the temperature has been anywhere from about 35-65F.  Being from Michigan, I’m used to crazy temperature swings but down here they are on a slightly warmer scale. Love it!  I’m sure my cow neighbors appreciated the snow melt as well. ;o)

Four.  Apparently moving to this area as a single woman immediately makes you eligible for adoption by any and all slightly older southern ladies in the area.  I have even been adopted by Ms. Carolyn at the Chick-Fil-A.

Five.  It is impossible to find a silverware organizer for a drawer that has a 7 inch maximum width.  But you can find magnetic curtain rods in many stores!

Six. No matter how organized you thought you were when packing, there will be way more “random” boxes than you remembered causing you to go up and down stairs 5 or 6 times per box until the contents are emptied.

Seven.  I acquired a terrible cold/sinus infection about a day after we arrived so the unpacking and getting organized has been going slowly.   I firmly believe everything would still be in boxes if my wonderful family hadn’t been here to help me!  I think I only have maybe 10-15 boxes to go, most of which are “spare room” items (read: not critically important for survival) but maybe 3-5 are classified as “bathroom.”  That means its time for another cup of Thera-Flu and back to work for a bit!


  1. So glad to hear u are settling in down there! Get feeling better!

  2. I'm so glad you were able to get down there and set up! I'm almost envious of your new adventure! Have a fantastic time getting settled and learning your way around!


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