How Did I Do?

I can usually never remember what my new year’s resolutions are but last year I just so happened to blog about them!  So how did I do?

Well I did get back on a training schedule for the 3 Day but did not manage to focus on eating right and dumping the pounds.  Well I did dump about 20lbs but packed them right back on the last few months… I’m a big stress eater.  I acknowledge this fact. I get a big fat C+ on this one – only getting the plus because I was making progress for about half the year.

I did pretty well decluttering my apartment – heck I even sold my kitchen table before moving to TN! I would give myself an A- on this one.

Read one book per month – well I read well over 12 books, maybe skipping a busy month here or there… I will give myself an A because the overall goal of this resolution was to get back into reading.  Mission accomplished.

Go out with the girlies at least once a month – we maybe didn’t stick to a strict schedule but I think we did pretty good getting together!  I’m going to miss you girls and think you are all stars so we all get an A+!

Define a budget and kick debts to the curb…. uhm…. yeah… D-.  Let’s move on.

Be a kick butt 3 Day captain with a super successful fundraising year – Every team member raised their share and made it through the 3 Days.  With over $15,000 raised, I give us an A+!  Soooo proud of the team!  If you want to donate for next year: check this out!

So what are my goals/resolutions for 2011?

  • Really dump the extra poundage and focus on healthier eating habits, perhaps joining my friends at WW once again
  • Keep on reading – at least 12 books this year
  • Start my 365 photo project
  • Knock down debts by at least half and set a budget to stick to

2011 promises to be very exciting for a number of reasons and I am definitely looking forward to see what it brings!

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