Happy Singles Awareness Day!

I’ve got flowers… I’ve got yummy desserts that I didn’t have to make… I’ve gotten many I love you’s… I’ve even got a heart shaped box of chocolates… the one thing I don’t have?  papa_murphy_heart_shaped_pizza

A “HIM” to my “HERS.”

I also don’t have a heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphy’s. Dangit!

I decided to be my own love today and got myself a rockin’ present. This girl is headed for a day at the spa on Saturday!  Yes I will have a massage, a facial, a mani, a pedi, and a haircut… I know the haircut doesn’t sound glamorous but I really need one. I have a full day of pampering coming right up because… well because why not?

We all deserve a treat now and again right?

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