Pollyanna State of Mind

pollyannaI am apparently getting a reputation of being somewhat of a “Pollyanna” around here. Not that it is a bad thing, but really… me?!

Maybe it’s the crazy flood of sunshine I’m getting here in the South?  And no, I’m not in Florida, but when you came from a place where you get maybe 14% sun from November through April this is like a tropical paradise!

More likely… I’m just happy at the moment. 

Is everything perfect? Of course not! I don’t think that is even possible.  But there are so many things in a good place or moving toward a good place…  I don’t have any desire to focus on things that may be less than stellar.  Is it really worth wasting the time and energy on anyway? 

I truly I am happy and content to see what other exciting things may be in store!aunt

And if you happened to miss the FB announcement… I am going to be an Auntie this fall!!

So happy for you KT & B!  Love you guys!  Oh and just to give you fair warning.. I’m going to spoil the heck out of the little one!

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  1. My boss calls me pollyanna. I'm always finding the bright side. Although yesterday he claimed I was anti-pollyanna and was rather a debbie downer. Oh well - can't win them all! Welcome to the Pollyanna club!


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