What I’m Lovin’


Welcome to “What I’m Loving Wednesday!” I’m feeling light and happy so why not add some love to the mix… after all it’s almost valentine’s day!

{One} That it is Wednesday.  Which means only 2 more days of the work week and…

{Two} That its only 3 days until Saturday… the day I will have my first official visitors here in TN!  My Grandpa and Uncles Bruce, Jim and Mart will be stopping by on their trip from Myrtle Beach back to MI!

{Three} Cows.  Cows you say?  Yes. Cows. I am surrounded by cowhundreds of them and they make me laugh every day.  Today they were especially amusing because a) one group was standing perfectly still in a perfect line staring at something b) another group was sitting in a circle around one other cow and looked like they were in church and c) when I got home, one was running along the top of the hill next to my apartments half howling/half mooing and making just the oddest noise I have ever heard!  They make me smile. suave

{Four} Suave Almond & Shea Butter Shampoo. It’s from their professionals line and is supposed to moisturize as well as Aveda® Dry Remedy.  Now I have never used the Aveda® brand, but WOW! The Suave version totally rocks!  My hair has been less than stellar as of late due in large part to the fact I haven’t had a cut or trim since oh… October?  This stuff is approximately $2 per bottle and makes me think I may just be able to hold out until March for that cut!

{Five}  Glee. It’s back and so is my joy. angrydroid

{Six} My new Droid Incredible.  It has everything my MyTouch did PLUS a bigger screen and faster searching!  Plus I caved and downloaded Angry Birds.  If I’m out of contact, now you know why.

{Seven} The excitement of knowing a Valentine’s Day surprise is coming my way!  My parents are less than stealthy so I know something is coming… but what?  Stay tuned to find out!

So what are YOU lovin’ these days?

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