The Willies

I consider myself to be an independent sort of woman.  I don’t need hand holding or someone to put shelves together.  But apparently I’m not immune to “the willies.”  I recently watched Paranormal Activity – the first one – in preparation for number 2 coming via ghostiesNetflix today.  I’ve seen the first one before in the theaters with friends so it wasn’t anything new but for some reason it creeped me out.  Maybe it’s the fact that I’m in a “new” place or perhaps it’s because I have an upstairs… who knows! 

Anyway, I got over being a total wussy-pants and forgot about things… until today.

Today as I was waiting for the elevator to open, I got a really weird feeling that someone was already on the elevator. When the doors opened, no one was there but I couldn’t shake the feeling. I also felt like someone was in the hall behind me trying to get on.  The feeling stayed with me until I was outside the building but it’s now giving me “the willies” just thinking about it.

nightlightPerhaps I should stop listening to the ghost stories the maintenance guy likes to tell?

So in the spirit of being a girl… I’m going to take those creepies and watch PA2 tonight [after GLEE of course]… and then I will sleep with the light on.

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  1. I get that feeling sometimes an I don't watch movies!!


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