Remember When?

The smallest things can trigger some of the best memories.  Take my feet today for example.  It was a very long day in heels and when I finally put on my slippers, my feet were aching.


It reminded me of how I used to feel after working the commencement ceremonies in college.  [My college job was working at our campus auditorium.]  I loved that job.  Not only did I get paid to see Broadway, ballet, comedy,and opera.. I worked with some amazingly special people. 

I love you all! And after working God knows how many RENT shows together, I think this is only fitting…

Dedicated to the polyester pack…


  1. That was literally the best college job ever!! I am SO SO SO glad I moved from the ticket office to user corps... WAY WAY better. I think most every one of my favorite college memories have something to do with Miller or the people there. Such a great time!

  2. Holla to the Miller Crew!!!

    O those suits ... and the aching feet ... but by golly it was worth it! I suffered through eight shows of Les Mis when I first started and loved every single minute of it ... and then got sucked back in after I was "retired" for another go round of several Phantom shows!

    So many memories ... probably the best part of my college experience ... plus, look at all the awesomesauce friends we all made!!

    Lifelong friendships I tell you!! Totally worth all of those nights of achy feet! :0)

    And to see what hardworking people it turned us all into!!


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