Praying for a Miracle

I asked yesterday if you all could pray for Lea and she needs your prayers more than ever now. Lea is a 24yr old woman who has been battling a brain tumor for 2 years.  Yesterday while in surgery to remove the tumor when she had some bleeding complications.  They removed what they could but had to stop the surgery.  Her family has now been told the tumor is inoperable and she has 3-4mos to live.  It is possible that chemo/radiation may prolong her life some, but the timeline is short.  Shorter than any 24yr old should have.  She needs your prayers.  Her family needs your prayers.  Prayers for help deciding what to do, prayers for hope and faith, prayers for a miracle. 

Edited 8:42pm:
The link to her facebook page <---

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  1. Let's pray for a miracle as we've never seen before <3 Thanks for posting this!!


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