Plus and Minus

Tomorrow will be a plus and minus sort of day. 

On the plus side, i’m only working a half day and it is supposed to be a bee-E-A-YOU-tee-ful day!

On the minus side, I have to go see Rheumy to find out what he makes of all the blood tests, CT scans, and eye tests I've undergone in recent months.  I’m actually hoping he has something definitive to say instead of just scheduling more tests.  I’m tired of tests.  More tests would be a minus.  If I have Sjogren’s Syndrome [SS] that would be a huge minus.

On the other hand, if I’m told I don’t need more tests, don’t have SS, and don’t have to go back to see Rheumy again… well, then it could be a super plus kind of day. 

It might even warrant Indian food and ice cream.

I’m praying for the super plus version.  I hope you will be praying for that too!


  1. Prayers for happy things - things that bring you to a day of eating Indian food and ice cream :0)

  2. wishing you all the best in your upcoming days:) stay strong! xoxo


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