It has been such a whirlwind day and there is so much I can’t say just yet!  I’m a big ball of nerves, anxiety, and excitement and I can’t wait to shout it to the world!  Everything has it’s time and it isn’t the right time just yet…

On a more tell-all note, I’m working on a 101 goals in 1001 days list.  It is a  lot harder than I thought to come up with 101 goals/things that are attainable in a mere 2.75 years.  So far my list is at 45 things and I've been scouring the web for ideas.  Maybe it is finally time for me to actually learn German rather than catching only a word or two when visiting my “other” family.  Maybe it is time to take up running.  Maybe it is time for me to go without cable TV.  There are so many things that could go on the list but I'm trying to make the list attainable, specific and meaningful.

If you have any suggestions for goals/things to do in the next 1001 days, leave me a comment.  I would love to hear them and may just incorporate it on my list!


  1. Learn to knit!

    Learn French -- I'll help you.

    Take a cooking class (a specific country's food, like Indian or Thai)

    Watch all movies with a certain actor or by a certain director

  2. That sounds really awesome, Christina! Where did you get this idea?? I think I would really love to try it!

    Goals .. hmm .. have you put anything in there about a specific classic book you have never gotten around to reading? Going to dinner alone? Writing a letter to someone telling them something you never got a chance to do (i.e. someone who has passed, or someone you don't see anymore, not a letter to actually send). I think I may have started my own list ... ;0)

  3. Jenn - google 101 in 1001 and you can find a whole ton of bloggers doing this! One of the blogs I follow just posted it earlier this week which got me hooked on the idea!

    Jenn & Jess - both of you have great suggestions! :)Thanks!


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