I came home to a warmish house for this time of year.  It was in the 70’s today which is nearly unheard of in Michigan this late in October.  I went over to my slider to open the glass all the way and I found a huge hole where the corner of my screen once was!  I notice that the screen isn’t ripped, [good] but it appears that something pummeled through that thing with quite some force.  I start to wonder… was it something that was outside that came in or…

Crap. Where are the cats? Have I seen both of them since walking in the door. Nope, only Gilbert. Double crap.

I’m kneeling down trying to tuck the thingy back in the indent with the screen tucked behind the thingy – its all very scientific, this screen door repair business – I even got out my flat headed screwdriver to assist. 

As I’m repairing, I’m calling out for Chloe.  I see no fat cat in sight.  Just Gil staring at me like I’ve lost my mind.

I get a sinking feeling and look over my 3 story high railing, hoping not to see a blob of white and gray fur down below. I see no blob.  Whew!

Then I get the most genius idea.  I go back inside and grab the snacks and shake ‘em as hard as I can. Poof!  Fat cat appears! Nom nom nom.

So while I’m entirely relieved Chloe & Gil are inside safe and sound and that I have a newly repaired screen door courtesy of moi, I’m left to wonder… who or what tried to break in or out?

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