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If Sjogren’s Syndrome was ruled out and not even a slight thought in the mind of Rheumy… wouldn’t he have just sent me back to my PCP instead of saying “I’ll see you in 6 months?”  So that must mean he is suspecting something is actually wrong… right? One of the “things” with this disease is that it can take several months to years to get a definitive diagnosis because the symptoms are not always present.  They tend to flare up unexpectedly, making life a little more unpredictable than normal.  As the disease progresses the flares can become more severe and can come closer together.  More severe symptoms of course make the diagnosis easier.

So back to my original thought… is it good or bad that I have to see Rheumy again in 6 months? At this point, I really don’t know.

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  1. The words "no return appointment" can truly be music to your ears, however, know that with diseases suh as this, just like you said, the symptoms can flare up over time and just to monitor, for no reason beyond, the doctor could just routinely be calling you back in six months. Hopefully everything is fine, and the follow-up in six months is only routine to "make sure" again. My vascular doctor has had me come back six months after each of the blood clots i've had, just to "make sure" there aren't any changes ... I hope that this is the case with the sjogren's as well for you!


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