I’m sitting here thinking about my environment [aka: home] and trying to decide if it really fits “me.” 

The answer is: no.

I recently discovered The Clean Sweep Program online – its used by many “life coaches” in an effort to improve the lives of their clients.  There are 4 categories with 25 items listed that they say can help you clean up, clarify and energize your life.  Ok so I bit – why not check it out right?   Who doesn’t want to be the best version of themselves?  So I started looking at the “environment” category… yeah not doing so hot there.  I saw the item “I surround myself with beautiful things.” And then I started looking…

I have lots of things that I like and just a few that I love.  Some things were my style 10 years ago while others are only 5 years behind the times… I started thinking about why I have certain things or where they came from or why I don’t have something else in it’s place.  Recently I bought a new shower curtain and it fits me so much more than the ones I have had before.  Its something so small DSCN0177but it instantly made me like my bathroom more.  My “dislike very much” items of the moment are my couch and loveseat.  They are a sage green color, microfiber that feels like a suede almost with floral pillows, and they are huge… well the couch is anyway, the loveseat is probably normalish.  I’ve had them for approximately 6 years and they are still comfortable [thank you Broyhill] but they just aren’t “me” anymore.  Something much more “me” I would classify as this: sofa

It is smaller than my sofa/loveseat combination and it not only has changeable slip covers, it is also convertible.  Yup, this lovely piece of furniture is actually a loveseat/chaise combination set – you just pop off the arm from the chaise, reattach it to the loveseat and poof!  Genius.

So as I sit here rethinking my environment, I think I just might list my sofa & loveseat on Craigstlist and see if I can’t put a dent in the cost of the new sofa!

Next on the list: the horrible lamps in the picture or my ancient and ginormous television set – replaced with a sleek flat screen! 

I just may become an adult here soon! Of course I might need to win the lottery first…


  1. Hey Christina - where did you get the new couch? We are looking for something similar, but have a hard time finding one that would fit in the layout of our living room. Thanks! Lindsey

  2. Hey Lindsey! The "new couch" is from IKEA - I actually have the pic linked up to the couch on their website if that helps? They have different color slipcovers that are usually washable which is awesome when you have kiddos or pets. And they are very good at providing the dimensions of their products and you can usually check availability at your local store right online too!
    Can you tell I <3 IKEA? lol


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